I chose the quote “This then is the scribe’s direct purpose: the making of useful things legibly beautiful,” by Edward Johnston as the centerpiece for a handlettered sketchbook. Edward Johnston is recognized as the individual who revived hand lettering, more specifically, calligraphy. The Edward Johnston Foundation in Ditchling, Sussex not only commemorates Johnston's life and work, but is also dedicated to continuing education in calligraphy and allied subjects. Offering courses on site, I chose to create a sketchbook that could easily be used in such classes.

The cover is made of two elements: a vellum skeleton of the quote and the actual inked quote underneath on paper. I based the skeleton directly on the steps and marks I made to reach the final quote bellow. The exposed binding was done by hand to further illustrate the idea of working with your hands to create beauty.

*Winner of Neenah's 2012 Unshow
  Best of Student Work Award

*Featured in HOW Magazine's September 2012 Issue