It's an icon, a staple of American fashion. L'eggs is a brand of pantyhose created by Hanes in 1969. First launched in an egg shaped package in convenience and department stores, everyone knew what a L'egg Boutique was. The logo was  created by a designer named Roger Ferriter working for the agency of Herb Lubalin Associates in New York (talk about design gold) and really hit on the egg shaped nature of the tights when wadded up in your hand.


This packaging was discontinued in 1991 by Hanes, but the logo has lived on in stride. The slogan "Our L'eggs fit your legs" has since changed to a handful of other play on "legs," but the idea of inspiring a fun, exciting, confident woman has stayed the same. In the 1970-80's L'eggs really keyed into their independent woman market by holding mini-marathons, which were foot races just for women. The marathon embraced the idea of feminism and equal rights, hot topics of the time, all with a leg centered activity. 

I am excited to work on this rebrand for Ad/Graph class. Right now think of a french-tenchno,-color run-controlled explosion of energy and ambition.  That will be the 21st century woman's L'eggs.

Danielle Williams