Old Familiar Barbershop

Columbus, Ohio has some pretty interesting businesses hidden around town. For months my friends have been talking about Old Familiar Barbershop and their classicly contemporary apprach to cutting hair. Run by Kenji Prince and Josh Wibur, they say they "met in the dungeons of the barber underworld and decided to join forces to bring the city a new experience it so deserved. Have fun and look good."

Richard Smith created a promotional video for Old Familiar and asked me to do some handlettering for the title sequence. Although this past week has been a frenzy of finishing a brand re haul for FISH Community Thrift, developing my own individual portfolio as well as one to leave for a review by Target, and various other projects to complete before flying to Minneapolis Wednesday for the AIGA conference, I threw the clock out the window and decided to help out.

Channeling  the thick brush script of vintage "open/closed" business signs coupled with the Old Familiar logo, I handlettered Shop Talk with and recreated the logo in Illustrator. Check out Richard's whole video here and see how cool these barbers really are.

Old Familiar.jpg
Danielle Williams