Airmail Thesis Week 9

The time has come to reveal some of my exhibit sketches. As you can see I will be combining both freestanding walls with a hanging banner title poster and potential postcard pedestal. 

Ideally, my exhibit would be displayed where there is full natural light and shadow available. One of the really unique things about the Crane Center are the large windows at different heights. The windows produce views of Cleveland Ave and being on the 3rd floor really gives the viewer a chance to feel like they are in the sky. Channeling this feeling, my exhibit walls will incorporate a degree of transparency with it as well.

Using the wings of airmail airplanes as inspiration, I will build the exhibit out of wood and metal rope. The structure will be reminiscent of the spaces between wing supports. The information will be printed on large roll print paper in order to act as both a poster and a wall. Finally, the pedestal that will hold either postcards or an exhibit booklet will be made out of stacks of paper and packaging, just like the mail being carried.

The next steps of my thesis will be to start making the poster/walls of the exhibit and choose the exact dimensions of the structure. This will include researching creative styles of the 1920's as well as figuring out the best way to created a structure with as little material as possible. I am pretty excited! 

Danielle Williams