Airmail Thesis Week 12

The countdown is official. A mocked up presentation of my Thesis space is due in 9 days and the actual installation of the space is in 16. Luckily, I have made amazing progress over the past week and last night officially finished my exhibition posters. That simply leave making post cards, a title poster, proof-reading, and printing left to do.

Over the weekend I went home and wired the wall structures to hang my posters and stained to the wood to be a beautiful mocha brown. It was so exciting to see these 6 foot structures really come into being before my eyes. I would show a picture, but I want to save a little surprise for the show. Between now and the show I have some pretty exciting things happening. CCAD will be hosting their annual Senior Directions, and I will be attending a Columbus Crew game as well as the Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Championship Hockey game!! This means that I will be really focusing on finishing up my Thesis by the end of this week. 


Just in case you were wondering how to keep up with the rest of the 2014 CCAD Thesis Show (which has officially been named "Offset") you can like the Facebook page and see visual updates on the exhibit Instagram. When you do come to the show don't forget to use the hashtag #offsetccad. 

Danielle Williams