Airmail Thesis Week 13

The title of my thesis has been pretty cemented for a while now. Whenever I think about this topic it makes me think about how cool it was that people of our country could pull together to make something that although meant for functional purposes of transporting mail, also served as a moral boost after a rough start to WWI. Thus came the title: Airborne Pride. 


Here is the subtext for the thesis as well: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is the United States Postal Service’s unofficial motto.  These proud words originally belonged to Herodotus as he talked about the system of mounted postal workers who served valiantly during The Persian Wars. The motto was translated and chiseled over the granite entrance to the New York City Post Office in 1914, just four years before the USPS embarked on an adventure to beat the railroads and deliver mail via a regularly scheduled airmail service. Upon retrospective consideration, perhaps the USPS motto could have been expanded to include neither treacherous thunderstorms nor open cockpits nor faulty compass directions. The first six years of airmail were filled with excitement, danger, death, ingenuity and a pure passion for progress. And through these trials emerged a system so trusted that few remember how it even started. 


Now that my posters have been made the only thing I have left is to make some postcards and print these puppies out! I plan on using the roll printer for the posters since each one is basically 2ft by 3ft, but for the complimentary postcards I will be printing those myself. With Jury on Thursday I am feeling pretty on point. Let's hope the homestretch is smooth!

Danielle Williams