Airmail Thesis Week 11

Big updates my friends. First off let's just take a moment to celebrate that central Ohio weather has been in a semi beautiful state of being. That in itself has inspired amazing progress on my thesis, which is kinda ironic. During the beginning of Airmail there was a strict flying policy which basically boiled down to pilots being expected to fly regardless of rain, snow, fog or wind. I am pretty sure this past week's weather wouldn't have given very many pilots complaint.

Now to more important matters. My posters have been coming together with a nice dull copper color scheme and some vintage Airmail photos. I have adapted a system of hierarchy with the main topic of the poster having a paragraph or two of general information in slightly larger type underneath the title, and the supplemental images feature smaller footnote text with more detail on the specific overreaching subject. Additionally, I have added a little hand touch by making notations on the images in my own handwriting (when pilots flew they were constantly filling out reports on the flights in their own handwriting and this is my throw back to before Adobe Reader would let you fill in any form you wanted.)

As far as the structures that will be holding my exhibition posters, well they are 99% complete. After some consideration we (aka my Dad) decided to go with wood instead of PVC pipe for building, which works better anyway because the Jenny wings were made with wood anyway and that is my original inspiration. The only thing left to do will be adding the wire to the forms and hauling all three of these six foot walls back to Columbus. At least my Mom is excited about it right?


Since the visual portion of my thesis is pretty well underway, I have started to think of the atmosphere of my space. After talking with Riley this weekend she had the great suggestion of playing music that was popular during the 1920's during the exhibit. I really like this idea because the music of the 20's has such an excitement and movement to it, just like the Airmail Service I am showing. This song was performed in 1929 by Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong. One of the amazing things about music is how it has the power to travel faster than people can, which embodies the idea of flight and mail. Enjoy the tune!

Danielle Williams