CCAD Fashion Show

Vibrant. Sophisticated. Spunky. Relaxed. Provocative. Radical. Fashion isn’t just about what you wear. It’s about the statement you want to make. The Senior Fashion Show at the Columbus College of Art and Design showcased the unique collections of 21 members of the Fashion Design graduating class. With all these vastly different designers exhibiting their work during the same show, we set out to create a flexible visual experience that can be modified to represent each designer while still hanging together as a single powerful show. 

Instead of a standard invitation for the event, Wes Kull (Designer), Katie Anthony-Brown (Writer), and I developed a series of cards, each with a different aesthetic—a different visual statement. These graphic directions grew out of conversations we had with each student designer to learn the inspiration behind their work. The lookbook featured brief quotes from those conversations, along with vignettes that conveyed the sartorial spirit of each collection. The cover is a lenticular that visualizes the movement of design and fashion.

Logo Design
Event Branding
Editorial / Lookbook
Invitation Design


Work completed
while at Ologie


Thank you video created by the CCAD Mind Market Student Agency and CCAD Marketing and Communications