Delaware County, Ohio

Delaware County recently updated their logo and wanted to follow suit with their overall county website as well as their 30+ agency and office sites.

Each of these websites were their own unique hard coded contribution to the internet. We needed to gather all the content from these sites, transfer them to a consistently designed WordPress Multisite setup and give each agency the power to keep their content updated and readable so these websites could be effective user-friendly hubs where residents, businesses, and visitors to Delaware County could get the answers they are looking for.


UI/UX Design
Module Creation
Content Inventory / Audit
Content Migration
User Guide


Project completed at Buckeye Interactive



Over the course of this 10 month project I was able to lead the way for completing the project early and under Delaware’s initial budget.

“The project was complex, but it also inspired a unique degree of cooperation among offices, which has allowed the county to present a more cohesive image and user experience.”

- Jane Hawes | Delaware’s Director of Communications response to the redesign.