A brand of pantyhose introduced in 1969 by Hanes, L'eggs has a history of using visual puns in a bold way. Just take its name, logo, and original packaging created by designer Roger Ferriter, who worked at the design firm Lubalin, Smith, Carnase. Inspired by the fact that the product could condense to the size of an actual egg, Ferriter combined "legs" and "eggs" to create a retail merchandising masterpiece that took supermarkets by storm.

As an experiment, I removed the "egg" component of the design and focused on executing a rebrand that modernized L'eggs for millennial women by drawing on its historic use of dance in its marketing efforts and dynamic packaging.

Extended Reality
Email Design


Photography with the help of Krista Sison and Tyler Dunlavy


In 1991 L'eggs reengineered its plastic egg packaging in favor of a new cardboard box design with a curved top in order to be more environmentally friendly and less cliché. However, in this change they lost one of the most beloved features of the original L'eggs egg: its ability to be used after purchase in many different ways (they seriously capitalized on that).

Wanting to bring this element back to life, I choose key products to have cylinder packaging made in natural cardboard material with bright bursts of color to differentiate product lines. By doing so, L'eggs would still differentiate itself from other pantyhose brands while retaining heritage characteristics.


L'eggs has always been a brand built around providing quality products for lively, adventurous, busy women. For adverts, I took these sentiments and translated them for a modern audience. Que the alter ego of our modern Rockettes.


Using extended reality technology, I designed a dressing room mirror graphic that when a shopper scanned it with their phone camera would show a secret message.